Top 5 Automation Industry Hiring Trends in 2022

In this guest post, Bryan Hellman, writer for Industrial Automation Co., discusses five of the most notable trends for automation hiring in 2022 as well as what to expect from the automation job market in the future.

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How to Sell Your Skill Set in an Interview

When you’re interviewing for a new role, you want to be able to show how qualified you are for the position.

Knowing what skills to highlight and how to sell them to an interviewer can really help set you apart as a candidate.

Be prepared to sell your skill set! Check out this article for tips.

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8 Quick Tips to Ace Your Next Virtual Interview and Land the Job

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. As a result of COVID, many companies have switched to temporarily or permanently conducting interviews virtually via video calls.

While being at home and avoiding a trip to a new location can ease some anxiety, virtual interviews can bring challenges of their own that job seekers should be prepared to address.

This article provides eight tips to prep for success when it comes to virtual interviews.

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Let’s Talk About Ghosting During the Hiring Process

Ghosting doesn’t just happen in the dating world. It happens during the hiring process too. Job seekers, employers, and recruiters all report being ghosted.

While simply not responding to communication and disappearing might seem like the easy way out in the moment, it can have drastic professional consequences.

In this article, we delve into ghosting, why people do it, and how you can avoid falling victim to this phenomenon.

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Let Your Hiring Heat Up This Summer

Fear of the “summer slowdown” shouldn’t keep you from hiring this season if you have the need and resources to do so.

Despite its reputation, summer can be a great time to hire and a great time for job seekers to hit the ground running.

In this article, we discuss four of the top reasons we think that summer is the perfect season to heat up your hiring.

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