A Modern Leader’s Guide to Organizational Transparency

Transparent leadership can be tough, but it always pays off.

Done well, transparency creates trust between employers and employees which boosts morale, lowers stress, increases employee engagement, and improves performance.

So, how can you create this “in-it-together” mentality and help your company thrive?

Follow this guide to start fostering a culture of open communication!

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How to Notice Signs of Employee Burnout

The cost of employee burnout can be substantial. Employees who were once productive have become physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. Companies start to see a drop in performance and higher rates of turnover.

To stay successful and nurture your most valued resource (your employees) this issue must be addressed.

In this article, Dyann Ivey discusses how to recognize signs of burnout, what companies can do to fix it, and several tools to use to support employees.

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What Staff Perks Can You Offer That Also Benefit Your Business?

Staff perks help your employees to feel valued. They can make them more engaged and benefit your business through increased loyalty and greater commitment.

There are many different employee benefits you can offer.

In this guest post, Rodney Laws highlights three that are good for both your company and your workers.

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Employee Retention

Employee Retention

The hard work doesn’t end after we find you the perfect employee. These new employees will look to you to offer the benefits and work culture that you spoke about during their interview.

Make a good impression on your new hires and make them want to stay for years to come! Take the steps to provide the right work environment to keep employee retention high!

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“Why do you want to work for us?”

“Why do you want to work for us?” is a staple question that many employers ask candidates during an interview.

However, Alan Carty, President & CEO of Automationtechies, does not feel this question is appropriate to ask when dealing with recruited candidates.

So what should employers ask instead? In this post, Alan shares his suggested approach as well as how frequently he sees this situation actually being a problem, his thoughts on the best recruiting practices for this market, and his outlook on what 2021 will hold.

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