Three Growing Trends in Technology

Engineers play a prominent role in bringing new ideas and prototypes to life, especially as the world becomes more reliant on technology.

From artificial intelligence and robotics to the cyber security, engineers possess the inventive skills needed to create and improve systems and devices in an always evolving, technology-focused landscape.

This article covers three of the most prominent trends in technology and how engineers are leading the way.

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Top 5 Reasons to Become an Engineering Major

Engineering has been called one of the most profitable majors and graduates in STEM fields can enjoy a significant advantage in the job market.

There are many other benefits of graduating with a STEM degree; click through to read about the Top 5!

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Hire F1-OPT Candidates to Fill Your Engineering Jobs

Why are we encouraging our employers to hire F1-OPT candidates?

Well, these international students have advanced degrees and relevant industry experience.

They're also skilled, eager to learn, and can work in the United States for any employer without visa sponsorship.

With the numerous cultural and practical benefits they can bring to an organization, F1-OPT employment is not something you will want to overlook!

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