Automationtechies Agrees: Now is an Unprecedented Opportunity to Hire Great Talent

“Now is an unprecedented opportunity to hire great talent” may seem like an unlikely phrase to hear given the tremendous changes that are happening worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s actually the title of the latest article from Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, an executive fellow at Harvard Business School, who makes a compelling case to seize the moment in hiring great people.

At Automationtechies, we agree with this observation and have experienced it first hand within our own organization and with our recruiting clients.

If your organization is equipped to hire for lasting greatness, now is the time!

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COVID-19 Has Forced a Change That Will Likely Have a Positive Long-term Effect

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented number of professionals are working remotely and companies are ditching their office spaces to cut costs.

Unlike most business-related COVID-caused consequences, this one actually has the potential to be a huge positive opportunity area for businesses and job seekers alike, by expanding the scope of their search — for talent and job opportunities, respectively — beyond the region of a physical office.

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Has COVID-19 Shown That We’re Focused On Our Careers?

After six months, the COVID-19 crisis is still upending the daily lives of people all around the world.

For those in the workforce, the pandemic has been a time of reflection causing many to reexamine their career choice and professional goals.

In this guest post, Rodney Laws explores how changing attitudes and expectations will forever transform the way we work.

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5 Underrated Examples of Great Employee Benefits

Many companies are now offering some new employee benefits in an effort to attract top talent.

In this guest post, Rodney Laws shares five underrated benefits and perks that employees love.

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What Are Automation Companies Looking For In Their Employees?

In this guest post, Bryan Hellman, writer for DO Supply, Inc., discusses the basics of automation and what specific skills employers in the industry will look for in candidates during the hiring process.

This article is great for recent engineering graduates or other professionals who are new to automation or considering it for a career change!