Why Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn

Recruiters can be extremely good resources when it comes time to search for a new job. As job boards fizzle out and the way job seekers find new opportunities changes, optimizing your LinkedIn profile and connecting with recruiters is a must!

After reading this interesting article on TheUndercoverRecruiter centered around when you should connect with recruiters on LinkedIn, I thought it would be useful for our job seekers to see a few additional reasons why they should consider connecting with recruiting professionals on LinkedIn.

Recruiters Have Close Connections to Employerslinked in recruiter connections

Recruiters have connections to employers who might not be posting their jobs publicly or have yet to post their new job opportunities online. Recruiters gain inside access to job opportunities first from their clients and can think of you and your unique experience and skills when they hear about new positions. While recruiters are working to fill specific positions for their clients, they can also partner with other recruiters and gain access to their job opportunities as well! Being on a recruiter’s contact list will allow you to be considered for a much larger amount of job opportunities than when you sporadically submit your resume to single job postings one at a time.

Recruiters Can Tell a Story Beyond Your Resume

Let a recruiter tell your individual story and give an accurate picture of your skills and prior work experience! Submitting your resume to a miscellaneous online job posting can only give the company you’re interested in a few brief details about you. You have a far better chance of your full story being told and your resume being viewed by employers when working with a recruiter.

Recruiters Provide Industry-Specific Job Recommendations

Not all recruiters have the same connections so contacting the right recruiters on LinkedIn is important. After all, you want to receive job opportunities for your industry and not jobs outside of your field of interest. For example, you would want to connect with a member of our recruiting team on LinkedIn if you were interested in jobs within the industrial automation, process controls, instrumentation, and manufacturing industries. Connecting with as many recruiters as you can doesn’t really help your job search. It’s important to connect with the right recruiters who will look for the best opportunities for you!

Hopefully the factors both listed in this blog and TheUnderCoverRecruiter’s blog post have helped enforce the importance of connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn. Feel free to reach out and connect with any of our recruiters on LinkedIn to make your job search easier!

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