Benefits of Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

After reading a very well-written article on how job seekers can fully optimize their LinkedIn profiles, I thought it would be beneficial to provide a brief overview of why everyone needs to have a strong LinkedIn profile when they choose to make a career move.

The article explains how LinkedIn is an online platform that has thousands of daily users. LinkedIn is full of great connections and networking opportunities ranging from your coworkers to potential future coworkers. In addition to having a large pool of contacts at your fingertips, there are also recruiters searching LinkedIn for the best talent to fill their available positions. People looking to make a job change should prepare by having their LinkedIn profile complete with all previous relevant work experience, qualifications, and skills visible for when a recruiter or future employer comes along.

Our recruiters at Automationtechies love when candidates have fully optimized and polished LinkedIn profiles! It’s a great supplement to a resume, gives credibility to the information you provide in an application, and helps put a face to an email or resume. LinkedIn provides a visual alternative to a traditional resume and also allows job seekers to add photos or videos to further showcase project experience, awards, news article mentions, and more. Think of your LinkedIn profile as a barren plot of land that you can cultivate to show off your unique skills and personality that a resume just can’t capture.

Having a LinkedIn profile enforces the fact that you care about your professional brand. It shows you are tech-savvy enough to know how to use social media and that you have notable accomplishments that you are proud to share publicly. It signals to recruiters and future employers that you are approachable and would make a good impression as one of the faces of their company.

A well-optimized profile will draw the right people to you and get them interested. It may even justify their decision to reach out to you or hire you! To give yourself the best odds, it’s important to use industry-specific keywords to describe yourself and solidify your expertise in your field. For example, industrial automation professionals often include terminology as it relates to previous positions they’ve held, software and hardware they’ve used, or open job listings.

Besides, strengthening your profile and professional brand, industry-specific wording increases your ability to be found. Our recruiters know the exact type of candidates our clients want. With an optimized profile, you are easy to find and qualify for potential job opportunities which will put you ahead of the pack.

There are many other ways to optimize a LinkedIn profile. Be sure to click the link below to refer to the full blog and discover some of the best advice on how to make the most out of LinkedIn!

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Summary & Profile To Get Jobs

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