The Advantages of Team Building

recruiters on team building dayMany people become skeptical when they hear the words “team building”. Some might imagine sitting in a room dying of boredom as they go through pointless group activities with their coworkers. However, this could not be further from the truth! Team building has grown to new levels over the years and has disproved the past myths we might have believed about team building.

Our crew at Automationtechies had a lively evening of team building recently. The evening started out as we divided into two teams and competed in bowling, Foosball, and Giant Jenga at  Punchbowl Social. This was a perfect first stop because it gave our employees time to fuel up with appetizers and warm up to the idea of spending time together outside of the office. Even though we had two teams, we still cheered for all of our coworkers and encouraged each other during every game. Afterward, we moved on to face off against each other in a Game Show Battle Room. Our entire team had a blast with this activity! The environment was fun and perfect for getting to know each other and bonding.

Everyone seemed noticeably happier at work the following morning. We had a successful team-building session because everyone went into the experience with an open mind, eager to work together, and ready to have fun. The following are some of the other great advantages that our own team experienced during and after team building and why your company should embrace team building for awesome company-wide advantages!

Problem Solving

team building tower buildingEvery day, our employees are working hard to reach their goals and overcome challenges to keep the company running. Every company is different in its daily challenges and requires different ways of thinking to defeat obstacles. Our team-building excursion provided the opportunity to see our coworkers’ individual strengths and problem-solving styles in action. Some of the skills and talents that our employees revealed were surprising to many of us as we never had the chance to observe firsthand how our coworkers solve problems. Being able to witness how we each chose to solve particular challenges made us all more aware of how we could better leverage and help each other in the future.

Communication and Teamwork

the spice girls team buildingBoth teams had to use good communication to increase their chances of winning the team-building activities. Opening up and speaking with each other outside of our typical work environment was fairly easy for all of us to adapt to. The Game Show Battle Room was an excellent chance for brainstorming and using teamwork. Employees who participate in team building will find it easier to communicate with their coworkers and will have a better understanding of their coworkers’ personalities after the event. Having open communication and understanding is a big part of having success within your office. The fun and casual atmosphere at the venues we visited made it easier to talk about ourselves openly or discuss our personal interests with our coworkers and expose unique personality traits we never had known before. We also built added trust with our coworkers after talking and bonding with each other.

Employee Motivation

Team building was a great way to score some laughs from our coworkers and blow off steam. Employers can help their employees grow and show that they care by investing in their employees beyond what is required of them. Taking time outside of work to better the strength of your team is important to employee morale and motivation. Team building events show your employees that they are more than a mere number and that they are worth the extra money and time spent outside of work. All our employees were excited and ready to go the next day after our team outing. Feeling restored, and motivated to keep up the good work and try even harder the following day were some of the themes we observed at our office. We all walked away wanting to partake in more team-building events of different varieties so we could continue bonding and learning about each other. That motive stays in the back of employee’s minds and pushes them to keep up their good work.

team photoEvery company is unique and has varying factors to take into account when deciding on what your team-building activity should include. Consider all of your employees’ schedules when choosing a time for your team-building activities so all your employees can attend and no one feels left out! Think about how many employees will be attending, the varying personalities and interests of your employees, and what type of activities would be most beneficial or fun for your employees. Different companies will want to do different activities – not every team-building activity can work for every company. Brainstorm with your employees for ideas and be open to trying something new! Our company never participated in a Game Show Battle Room, but we were open to the idea and had a great time. Take all these factors into consideration and let your employees benefit from team building together!

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