How We Recruit For Our Clients

How We Recruit For ClientsMy husband and I had a discussion last evening about commission rates. He mentioned that a 7% commission on the selling price of a house is far too much to pay for the work that a real estate agent does. As a recruiter, this made me wonder if my clients felt similarly about paying me a percentage of a candidate’s first-year salary. From my experience, I know all the effort that goes into filling open job slots and that it’s so much more work than what most people believe. I also understand the “cost” to a company if a job goes unfilled for months or if the wrong talent is hired. Either scenario has the potential to delay growth, lower staff morale, and result in lost business or projects.

To me, this is where the value of a recruiter comes into play. Just as a real estate agent can help you navigate the housing market and find your dream home, investing in a good recruiter can be critical to shorting your hiring process and finding that “diamond in the rough” who will keep your company on track and growing. So how do we uncover your next hire? Below is the process we go through daily, weekly, and yearly to fill positions in the industrial automation industry.

Our recruiters at Automationtechies specialize in filling industrial automation positions. This includes Controls Engineers, Automation Engineers, Applications Engineers, Sales Engineers, and more.  Every workday, I am busy contacting people in the automation industry. I have gained sufficient experience in recruiting people for industrial automation positions over the 13 years that I’ve been in my field. I know exactly what to look for when I speak to a candidate over the phone. I pre-qualify candidates and hear their story, skills, and motivations. I also frequently call candidates who are not actively job searching and find out what opportunities I should contact them about in the future.

Once a client decides they would like to work with me to fill their open job position(s), I have an in-depth discussion with them over the phone. This discussion provides me with information about their company, the specific skill set desired for a candidate, and why someone would want to leave a current job to work for my client. I then create an action plan to fill the position quickly and efficiently for my client.

After receiving a job, Automationtechies will advertise the position on LinkedIn, our web page, and other sites. This helps us attract interested applicants and get closer to the specific type of candidates my client’s company would be happy to hire. We receive an exceptional amount of responses to our online job advertisements and find many potential candidates through this step.

Next, I access our database and other sourcing tools to begin my search. Our network is full of both active and passive candidates gathered from my hours spent talking to individuals in the automation industry. Based on what my client tells me about the job position and their company culture, I target the candidates that would be most interested and who I believe my clients would be equally interested in. This leads to the final steps in my process which include determining a mutual fit for both your company and the candidate, interview preparation and scheduling, and facilitating the negotiation of the offer.

Placing candidates in industrial automation positions requires time, patience, and experience. It requires a skilled recruiter with real industry knowledge to find the best-fitting candidates for your company. Our clients value the work we do for them and appreciate the stress relief that comes from working with Automationtechies.

Ensuring the satisfaction of our clients with the qualified candidates we provide them is what I strive to do. If you are having trouble filling an automation-related position, give us a call. We will be happy to help you!

About the Author:

This article is written by Lisa Reitz, former Recruiter at Automationtechies.

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