How to Prepare for Your Job Interview

The time has finally come, our recruiters have matched your professional skills and experience to the perfect job! Now that you get to meet the employer, it’s time to get organized so you can make an excellent first impression. Face to face job interviews require different preparation than phone interviews and it will be very apparent to the interviewer if you didn’t prepare.

Don’t come off looking unprofessional, raise your chances of being selected for the position by making these preparations for your face to face job interview.

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Research The Company

Doing some basic research on the company we have found for you is an easy step to take to prepare for your upcoming job interview. Many companies will ask candidates if they’ve visited their website and know the company’s mission statement. Employers are impressed with candidates who do their homework and can talk about details that they found interesting on the company website, job description, or on social media. Read about the company’s background, past work they’ve done, and try to get a feel for the culture.

Brainstorm Questions

Asking questions is an excellent way to show interest in the job role you are desire. Specific questions related to the company or the job role you want shows that you are truly interested in working there. Try to think up creative questions that the employer might not be asked every day. Ask what some of the problems are that the company is facing right now and what steps are taking to solve them, how the position you applied for has evolved over the years, or even what you could do to increase the value of this position. You can also use this blog to for more examples of interesting job interview questions that will help you better determine if the job is a good fit for you.

Know Yourself

You will be asked several questions during your interview and prompt, thoughtful responses will show that you came prepared. Be ready to discuss your prior work experience, skills, and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Know your story and where you can highlight achievements and times that you solved conflicts. You can use the STAR Formula to help you answer job interview questions that you didn’t prepare for as well. It’s your goal during the interview to paint the interviewer a picture of who you are and why you are the best fit for the job.

Be Ready To Impress

You spent plenty of time editing your resume to perfection so make sure to print off an extra copy or two for the job interview. Doing this will show you are forward thinking and like to be prepared. Be at your peak performance, get a good night of sleep and eat a filling breakfast to avoid hunger and yawning during the interview. Always remember to turn your phone off or on silent to minimize the risk of your cell phone interrupting the interview. Dress appropriately for the job you want – no need to overdress for a position that requires a more casual dress code. Don’t forget to bring any examples of work or materials that the interviewer asked you to provide either. Lastly, remember to bring your business cards if you have them. Doing this portrays you as someone the employer could trust to bring a professional image to the company.

These are the basic steps to prepare for your interview. Don’t overthink but certainly don’t under plan for your next job interview.

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