Hire F1-OPT Candidates to Fill Your Engineering Jobs

At Automationtechies, we’re committed to increasing the available workforce for industrial automation positions.

One way we’re doing this is by connecting F1-OPT job candidates with employers.

These individuals are highly desirable international students who recently earned an advanced degree in engineering in the United States. In many cases they also have automation-related work experience in their home country or degrees that focus on practical, hands-on automation projects.

What exactly is F1-OPT?
F1-OPT is the Optional Practical Training period that allows international students who have completed a degree in the U.S. (most commonly an advanced degree) to remain here and work for 12 months, plus an additional 24 months if they graduate with a degree in a STEM field – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. (For more information on F1-OPT employment click here and here.)

As you all know, there is a deficit of technical talent in the United States. The whole reason the 24 month STEM extension was added to the OPT was to try to keep more of these talented individuals in the U.S. longer. The STEM extension allows for two H-1B annual filing periods (April 1st until quota filled) as well as green card applications to be processed. So, if you like their work, you may eventually decide to sponsor them for a non-immigrant visa and ultimately a green card.

In short, these F1-OPT job candidates, with their advanced degrees and relevant industry experience, are skilled, eager to learn, and can work for any employer without sponsorship for 3 years! With all they bring to the table, they should not be overlooked.

We need to try to keep these talented individuals in the U.S. AND keep them in our niche!

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Advantages of Hiring International Students on F1-OPT:

■ can work for you without sponsorship for up to 3 years

■ are flexible and often willing to relocate anywhere in the U.S.

■ are dedicated and driven; they place high value on U.S. work experience

■ often speak several languages

■ bring fresh perspectives and problem-solving skills

‌■ have perseverance and are extremely adaptable

■ have become accustomed to managing change (they’ve had to adjust to studying and working in another part of the world with different customs and a different way of life)

■ contribute to workforce diversity – as more companies become global, the need for multicultural awareness is crucial

■ have the potential to relocate back to their home country, providing the employer with a reliable international liaison

■ require minimal paperwork for the employer (all paperwork is handled by the student, their school, and USCIS)