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factors to look for in a job other than pay
Factors to Look For in a Job Other Than Pay
It’s simple - money matters. When job hunting, the salary and benefits package is an important factor to consider; aft...
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answering phone calls in a professional manner
Answering Phone Calls in a Professional Manner
No matter who you are or what your job is, you should always answer your phone in a polite and friendly manner. Whether ...
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Tips for Controlling Your Body Language During the Interview
Tips for Controlling Your Body Language During the Interview
There are many variables at play during an in-person job interview. You can prepare for the interview and control some o...
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Network To Get Work
It’s always important to network no matter what career field you are in. Overall, the big picture of networking i...
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How job seekers can optimize their linkedin profile
Benefits of Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
After reading a very well-written article on how job seekers can fully optimize their LinkedIn profiles, I thought it wo...
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interesting job interview questions
The Interesting Job Interview Questions You Should Be Asking
What questions do you typically ask during a job interview? What’s the culture like? What does a typical day look li...
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