How To Upskill & Be Proactive During Furlough

In this guest post, Rodney Laws outlines how furloughed engineers and other professionals can be proactive and continue to work on their skills.

Rodney suggests taking advantage of online training programs, experimenting with side businesses, and networking.

He also shares many professional development ideas including links to automation courses and certifications that you may find relevant!

Why Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn

Recruiters can be extremely good resources when it comes time to search for a new job. As job boards fizzle out and the way job seekers find new opportunities changes, optimizing your LinkedIn profile and connecting with recruiters is a must!

Find out why it's important for you to connect with recruiters on LinkedIn and get the assistance you need with your job search!

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Benefits of Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

It’s so important for job seekers to have a strong LinkedIn profile when looking to switch careers. Thousands of users access LinkedIn every day! Don't pass up this opportunity, check out why you absolutely must optimize your LinkedIn profile.

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