How to Tell if a Company Culture is Right for You

Let’s face it, besides the work itself the culture of a company is going to determine if you enjoy your new position or not.

So, the question is, how to determine what the work environment is going to be like when interviewing with a future employer?

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What to do if You Miss Your Interview

Imagine finally getting the opportunity to interview with a company you’ve been highly interested in. You hop in your car and start off on your merry way to your interview and moments later - find yourself in bumper to bumper traffic. Panic sets in, you know there is absolutely no way you will be making it to your interview on time and will be embarrassingly late. What do you do now?

Follow this guide to handle your mistake in a professional way and stay in the running for the job you want!

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Answering Phone Calls in a Professional Manner

Answering an incoming call sounds easy and actually is very simple! However, your tone and introduction is very important for making a good impression on your caller when you answer their call.

Set a good tone and follow our advice on how to professionally and politely answer incoming calls!

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Tips for Controlling Your Body Language During the Interview

Your body language during an interview is more important than you might think! Nonverbal communication is easily observed during in person interviews.

Give your interviewer a positive first impression of you by using these tips for portraying positive body language!

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Ace Your Job Interview

Your primary goal in a job interview is to get an offer, while the company’s primary goal is to determine if you are the best candidate for the job. You can help the hiring manager see that you are the best candidate by using a simple formula for answering interview questions. When asked about your past experience or the specific skills you possess, answer using the S.T.A.R. formula. The acronym stands for […]

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