How To Resign

  • Meet with your current supervisor spontaneously or casually, asking “Do you have a minute?”, which is a better approach than setting up a formal appointment.
  • Hand the letter to your supervisor in a sealed envelope, with the boss’s name on it. (PERSONAL/CONFIDENTIAL is a nice touch to add).
  • Say to your supervisor something like this:

“[Name], I’ve accepted another position and I’m leaving [company name].  I’d like to thank you for teaching me a great deal during the time we’ve worked together and for making a real contribution to my career development.  I hope I can do everything possible during the next two weeks to make my transition a smooth one.”

  • Close the conversation, saying:

“I’ve written up a list of all the projects I’m working on and their current status.  If you could take a moment to review them in the next day or so, I’d be happy to do anything I can to complete them or hand them over to someone else during the next two weeks.”

  •  If – and only if – the supervisor tries to start a conversation about the nature of the new job or the offer to bring up a counter offer, say to the boss:

 “[Name], I think you know I really respect our relationship very much but I’d really appreciate it if you would not try to make my resignation any more difficult than it is.”

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Resignation Prep Video

This 12-minute video will help you create a smooth resignation process. Our recruiters are also available to answer any of your questions.