How To Write A Thank You Note

Creating a thank you note is a simple step in the interview process that should always be remembered. By writing a thank you note, you show the employer your professionalism, good etiquette and you reinforce your desire to work there. You also set yourself apart from the competition and remind the interviewer(s) about yourself one last time before they move on to the next step. You can read more reasons why you should write thank you note along with a great thank you note example here.

Steps To Writing A Thank You Note:

  • Ask for a business card from everyone you meet, especially your interviewer(s). This way you will have quick access to all the email addresses you will need for your thank you note.
  • Start writing your thank you note and send it as soon as possible. Make sure that you are composing your thank you email through a professional email.
  • Use a professional subject line for your email and include the name of the position you interviewed for: “Thank You – [Name of Job Title]”
  • Begin the thank you note formally: “Dear [Interviewer’s First name Last name],”
  • Keep the thank you brief, a few short paragraphs is all you really need. Try to highlight something memorable from the interview to show your genuine interest.
  • You can also use your thank you to:
    • Ask any questions that you forgot to ask during your interview
    • Reiterate the skills and qualities that make you a top contender for the position
    • Share something new; now’s the time to mention any elements you left out on your resume, cover letter, or in the interview.
  • Be sure to enforce that you want this job opportunity and show real enthusiasm about working for their company. Be sincere.
  • Add a professional signature:


[Your First and Last Name]

[Your Email]

[Your Phone Number]

[Your LinkedIn URL]”

  • After you compose your thank you note, be sure to read over and revise any mistakes before sending. Read it out loud to catch any tricky verbiage that spell check may have missed.

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