A Modern Leader’s Guide to Organizational Transparency

Transparent leadership can be tough, but it always pays off.

Done well, transparency creates trust between employers and employees which boosts morale, lowers stress, increases employee engagement, and improves performance.

So, how can you create this “in-it-together” mentality and help your company thrive?

Follow this guide to start fostering a culture of open communication!

How to Notice Signs of Employee Burnout

The cost of employee burnout can be substantial. Employees who were once productive have become physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. Companies start to see a drop in performance and higher rates of turnover.

To stay successful and nurture your most valued resource (your employees) this issue must be addressed.

In this article, Dyann Ivey discusses how to recognize signs of burnout, what companies can do to fix it, and several tools to use to support employees.

What Staff Perks Can You Offer That Also Benefit Your Business?

Staff perks help your employees to feel valued. They can make them more engaged and benefit your business through increased loyalty and greater commitment.

There are many different employee benefits you can offer.

In this guest post, Rodney Laws highlights three that are good for both your company and your workers.

Employee Retention

The hard work doesn't end after we find you the perfect employee. These new employees will look to you to offer the benefits and work culture that you spoke about during their interview.

Make a good impression on your new hires and make them want to stay for years to come! Take the steps to provide the right work environment to keep employee retention high!

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“Why do you want to work for us?”

“Why do you want to work for us?” is a staple question that many employers ask candidates during an interview.

However, Alan Carty, President & CEO of Automationtechies, does not feel this question is appropriate to ask when dealing with recruited candidates.

So what should employers ask instead? In this post, Alan shares his suggested approach as well as how frequently he sees this situation actually being a problem, his thoughts on the best recruiting practices for this market, and his outlook on what 2021 will hold.

The Growing Use of Technology in Manufacturing

Advancements in technology are quickly changing the landscape of virtually every industry, especially that of manufacturing. Modern advances are enabling factory operators to streamline production processes, innovate at a faster pace than ever before, and deliver higher quality products to meet changing demands.

Because of the versatility of these technologies, there are a number of areas within manufacturing where the tech is being harnessed.

An infographic is included that highlights some of the current and emerging trends.

Automationtechies Agrees: Now is an Unprecedented Opportunity to Hire Great Talent

“Now is an unprecedented opportunity to hire great talent” may seem like an unlikely phrase to hear given the tremendous changes that are happening worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s actually the title of the latest article from Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, an executive fellow at Harvard Business School, who makes a compelling case to seize the moment in hiring great people.

At Automationtechies, we agree with this observation and have experienced it first hand within our own organization and with our recruiting clients.

If your organization is equipped to hire for lasting greatness, now is the time!

Want The Job? Avoid These 10 Resume Mistakes!

Steer clear of these resume mistakes to increase your chances of landing an interview for that great new job.

COVID-19 Has Forced a Change That Will Likely Have a Positive Long-term Effect

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented number of professionals are working remotely and companies are ditching their office spaces to cut costs.

Unlike most business-related COVID-caused consequences, this one actually has the potential to be a huge positive opportunity area for businesses and job seekers alike, by expanding the scope of their search — for talent and job opportunities, respectively — beyond the region of a physical office.

Has COVID-19 Shown That We’re Focused On Our Careers?

After six months, the COVID-19 crisis is still upending the daily lives of people all around the world.

For those in the workforce, the pandemic has been a time of reflection causing many to reexamine their career choice and professional goals.

In this guest post, Rodney Laws explores how changing attitudes and expectations will forever transform the way we work.

Is it Time for Your Resume to Graduate?

There is a lot of talk about what needs to be on your resume but there are many items that should be removed too — especially if you have been working off the same resume since you graduated from college!

Resume writing is as much about what you don't include as what you do.

In this article, Alan Carty outlines how to help your resume "graduate" by keeping the formatting clear and the content fresh. Follow his tips and you will avoid making a wrong first impression!

Benefits of 3D Printing for Manufacturers

3D Printing in manufacturing is getting more common every day. The benefits cannot be ignored: efficiency, time savings, reduced risk and lower costs.

In this guest post, Kevin Allison explores how advantageous it can be for companies that implement this new technology.

His informative infographic also highlights several 3D printing applications that can play an important role in manufacturing processes.

Kevin serves as the VP of Marketing for Crescent Industries, an employee-owned, injection molding company providing an integrated, single-source solution for custom plastic injection molded components.

5 Underrated Examples of Great Employee Benefits

Many companies are now offering some new employee benefits in an effort to attract top talent.

In this guest post, Rodney Laws shares five underrated benefits and perks that employees love.

How To Upskill & Be Proactive During Furlough

In this guest post, Rodney Laws outlines how furloughed engineers and other professionals can be proactive and continue to work on their skills.

Rodney suggests taking advantage of online training programs, experimenting with side businesses, and networking.

He also shares many professional development ideas including links to automation courses and certifications that you may find relevant!

Get Your Future Back in 2020

Let us help put your career on course to a brighter future.

We connect engineers and other professionals with employers in factory automation, process control, instrumentation, or manufacturing industries.

Why AR/VR Technology Will Likely Be A Part of Your Next Job

In this guest post, Marla Keene, technical writer for AX Control, Inc., discusses how employers in the automation and manufacturing industries can use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to train employees and increase productivity through less downtime.

Since AR and VR tools can help develop effective, informed employees there is no doubt that both will become increasingly commonplace!

What Are Automation Companies Looking For In Their Employees?

In this guest post, Bryan Hellman, writer for DO Supply, Inc., discusses the basics of automation and what specific skills employers in the industry will look for in candidates during the hiring process.

This article is great for recent engineering graduates or other professionals who are new to automation or considering it for a career change!

How Manual Labor and Automation Coexist

In this guest post, Jacqueline Canny, CEO and Owner of Ultimation Industries, discusses how labor & automation can work together to increase productivity without eliminating each other.

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Helpful Tips for Companies Working With Recruiters

When recruiting for our clients, we generally have the most success filling positions when we know the key job details!

Have you ever worked with a recruiter before? Help recruiters fill your jobs faster by proving the following information.

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How to Tell if a Company Culture is Right for You

Let’s face it, besides the work itself the culture of a company is going to determine if you enjoy your new position or not.

So, the question is, how to determine what the work environment is going to be like when interviewing with a future employer?

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What to do if You Miss Your Interview

Imagine finally getting the opportunity to interview with a company you’ve been highly interested in. You hop in your car and start off on your merry way to your interview and moments later - find yourself in bumper to bumper traffic. Panic sets in, you know there is absolutely no way you will be making it to your interview on time and will be embarrassingly late. What do you do now?

Follow this guide to handle your mistake in a professional way and stay in the running for the job you want!

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Why Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn

Recruiters can be extremely good resources when it comes time to search for a new job. As job boards fizzle out and the way job seekers find new opportunities changes, optimizing your LinkedIn profile and connecting with recruiters is a must!

Find out why it's important for you to connect with recruiters on LinkedIn and get the assistance you need with your job search!

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Factors to Look For in a Job Other Than Pay

When job hunting, the salary and benefits package is an important factor to consider. There are other important factors you should be thinking about however.

Compensation isn’t everything! So what else should you be looking for in a new opportunity? Read our blog to find out!

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Answering Phone Calls in a Professional Manner

Answering an incoming call sounds easy and actually is very simple! However, your tone and introduction is very important for making a good impression on your caller when you answer their call.

Set a good tone and follow our advice on how to professionally and politely answer incoming calls!

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Tips for Controlling Your Body Language During the Interview

Your body language during an interview is more important than you might think! Nonverbal communication is easily observed during in person interviews.

Give your interviewer a positive first impression of you by using these tips for portraying positive body language!

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